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Monday, August 15, 2011

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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  1. Beautiful! Well I am a newbie to veiling. Actually I haven't stated yet because I just ordered my veils, but I plan to cover with a scarf until they arrive. I have a somewhat naive question. What is the difference between veiling "full-time" and at the Novos Ordo mass? I plan to begin veiling at all masses...basically in any situation that our Lord is present. Would that be considered full time? I am asking because I saw the phrase "full-time" on The Catholic Wife's blog and had never considered there to be a certain time to veil. I am a young married woman and veiling has always been on my heart since I converted about 3 years ago even before I got married. I am so grateful that there are other women out there who feel as blessed as I do to hold this tradition so dear to our hearts.