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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Mantilla in Vogue Italia

American Vogue might be the biggest and heaviest, French Vogue (under Carine Roitfeld, at least) the raunchiest, but Vogue Italia has always had a firm reputation for being the most creative, and even weird. Tis in the Italian one that you will see the slimmest, fizziest haired, raccoon-eyed models dragging on cigarettes or decked out in full Catholic funeral attire complete with a black lace mantilla. How fabulouso, door-link! Its outspoken editor in chief, the diminutive, Rapunzel-haired firebrand, Franca Sozzani, let fans into a secret about the mag this week.

It turns out, Steven Meisel has shot every single Vogue Italia cover since 1988, which is 325 in total. Crikey! So Franca, just per che do you like Steven M so blimmin’ much, eh? Because ‘I needed to have a consistent, recognizable look to every cover. My idea was that even if you took the word “Italia” off, you know what Vogue Italia is. Many magazines don’t seem to have a connection between one cover and the next, and it becomes hard to tell them apart. Especially today — images can be printed in such a high quality, but that also flattens them out, in a way. There’s a similar problem in fashion. Everyone can buy clothes — the most accessible clothes are not of the best quality, but unless you look at the label, you don’t know who it’s by. It’s this kind of oversaturation that makes me believe we are on the brink of another huge change’ apparently.

Huh. Well, that kinda, explains it. It must be either that or he has some terrible blackmail evidence about Franca. Although we LOVE the idea of a long running narrative using each cover as a chapter in the visual story; like a posh version of Deirdre’s casebook! Now, THAT would be cool.

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