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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

News Item from 1969: Women Required to Cover Head

The Atlanta Journal (June 21, 1969, page 6-A)


  1. If you are interested in a canon lawyer's opinion that veiling is still obligatory under canon law:

  2. Sorry for the double post. I just found your blog. I read through your canon law sections and the article I posted above, rebuts the common but mistaken opinion that veiling is now optional. It is worth a careful read. If you follow the discussion on my blog, even Patrick Madrid admitted that it convinced him.

    Of course, the vast majority of Catholics are unaware of this requirement, so I do not speak to subjective culpability, or that anyone who doesn't veil is sinning. Far from it; like you, my goal is to get the word out and spread the practice. Yet the truth of the canon law situation needs to get out.