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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wearing your mantilla to the theatre!

Arriving in style: British actress Jean Simmons ('Ophelia'), arrives at the Odeon theater for the Premiere of Laurence Olivier's 'Hamlet' wearing a satin gown and a black lace mantilla over her head on May 7, 1948 in London.

She could get away with it in 1948. Might not work so well now. 


  1. It was a more glamorous world back then, right? My mother and her sisters used to go all out in white gloves, hats & heals just to get on the subway trains. *Sigh*, big *SIGH*... Now many don't even dress for Holy Mass.

  2. I agree! It was more glamorous. We went to the theatre last night and I kept thinking I was overdressed simply because I wore a dress!